We’ve made sales automation easy for you

Appstorming is designed to make automation quick and easy for the process owner.

Does your wishlist contain these?


Create contracts with information from your CRM


Calculate fixed and recurring sums flawlessly


Create and manage multiple versions of a contract


Schedule appointments automatically


Allow other departments to make changes to a contract


Send automatic reminders to customers


Easily add upsells to your contract


Work solely from your phone or tablet

Appstorming transforms your sales process in a 2-hour session

Spend less time on administration and more time with your customers

Automate quotes, reports or notifications. Our custom applications support your entire process. You can work on any device, from any location in the world.

Appergine is compatible with Hubspot and allows digital signing using Evidos Signhost.


Talk sales with us

We avoid technical jargon and instead, focus on what’s really happening in your craft. Together, we map out all activities using nothing but iconic Post-its.


Expect mutual understanding and applications that truly meet your needs.


Anyone on your team can join an Appstorming session, as it doesn’t require any specific knowledge or skill.

Great results within days, not weeks

After the Appstorming sessions, a developer can build your application immediately. Typically, the first version of the application is available for you within a few days.

Transparent about pricing

Nobody likes paying more than planned. After the Appstorming sessions, we’ll tell you exactly what you need to put down if you’d like to continue. You stay in control and no unexpected price increases.

Need a rough estimate? Try our pricing calculator.

Appstorming is your ticket to the perfect sales process

Start by communicating your vision.