Rapid automation without turning the place upside down

Appstorming makes processes clear and allows the end result to transform into a working application, spotting and harnessing improving opportunities simultaneously.

Does your wishlist contain these?


Estimations of scope of work


Incident and RCA reporting


Tracking of activity and time


Incident management


SLA management


Asset and DBO management

Automation that doesn’t demand much of your time

Spending time on optimising the business is important, but can sometimes be delayed because of newly arising priorities. Our Appstorming method allows us to gather requirements in merely 2 hours.

Harness improvement opportunities, quickly

Let’s turn ideas into concrete solutions

The Appstorming Studio accelerates the follow-up process. The platform is able to model the idea directly into a draft application, which an Appmaster can finalise within a week.

How this works

Keep it simple

We avoid technical jargon and instead, focus on what’s really happening in your craft. Together, we map out all activities using nothing but iconic Post-its.


Expect mutual understanding leading to applications that truly meet your needs.


Anyone on your team can join an Appstorming session, as it doesn’t require any specific knowledge or skill.

Avoid multiple truths

Rely on a single source for all your data. Sync the various core applications and extend their functionality.

Connect to existing applications

Automate processes without adjusting the IT landscape. We aim to work together with your current software and only replace tools if redundant. This allows us to be agile and non-disruptive.

Small changes can lead to tremendous improvements

Start by communicating your vision.