Help business clarify their needs

Appstorming makes it easy to involve business users such that you can deliver better solutions.

Excellent applications start with mutual understanding

Business and IT are inherently different in how they think, making communication of needs challenging and sometimes avoided.
Appstorming fosters good communication, lowers business and IT barriers, and encourages everyone to participate and express their ideas.

Stakeholders know what to expect and feel ownership in the solution, which results in purposeful applications.

Simplicity leads the way

We avoid technical jargon and instead, focus on business events. Guided by an Appmaster, your team maps out events using nothing but iconic Post-its. After the session, you’ll be looking at the Appstorm – a board filled with post-its representing your process.


Anyone on your team can join an Appstorming session, as it doesn’t require any specific knowledge or skill.


Expect mutual understanding and clarity about the given process afterwards.


Perform an Appstorm session physically or virtually in the Appergine Studio, our multi-user online platform.

Transform an Appstorm into a low-code application

Applications are delivered within days after the Appstorm

This is where the magic happens. Business events are always described as an object and in the past tense. This way our natural language processor transforms it into high-level objects and actions. Now, we only need to add the details to each object and we already have a functional application that is ready to be reviewed. This streamlined process prevents loss of information and considerably accelerates development.

Appstorming streamlines business and IT

Start by communicating your vision.

Lessen the load on compliance and security

Appergine is a private SaaS solution in the EU owned by an ISO27001 certified company.