HR software that works as you work

Appstorming makes your unique HR processes clear and allows fast and efficiënt automation.

Does your wishlist contain these?


Easy manage personnel holidays and free time


Labor contract management


Labor contract updates


Automated approvals and reminders


Make existing tools work together


Automated employee onboarding and offboarding

Wait less and get more done

Automate repetitive approval processes and follow-ups

Ignite workflows with a single mouse click and benefit from automatic notifications for pending approvals to custom-generated reports. Even the smallest process can be automated and supported cost-effectively.

We speak your language

We avoid technical jargon and instead, focus on what’s really happening in your job. During an Appstorming session, we map out your activities using nothing but iconic Post-its.


Expect mutual understanding and crystal clear processes, leading to applications that are streamlined to your HR department.


Anyone on your team can join an Appstorming session, as it doesn’t require any specific knowledge or skill.

All your data in one place

Manage employee information structurally from a single source and access this source from anywhere you want. Generate documents and emails automatically. 

Keep working with your favourite tools

Replacing does not always mean improving. Appergine works bottom-up by taking your process as a starting point. We connect tools and fill in the gaps, and only remove tools if redundant.

Appstorming is your ticket to the most efficient HR process

Start by communicating your vision.