Process improvements that are embraced by users and IT

Appstorming gives everyone a voice which results in applications that really work, without adjusting the current IT landscape.

Participation is the key to success

Appstorming involves all stakeholders

Within a 2-hour session, the stakeholders come up with the needs and requirements for the solution. Good communication is crucial at this stage as the right input leads to the right solutions.


A method that everyone understands

We avoid technical jargon and instead, focus on what’s really happening in your work. Guided by an Appmaster, the team maps out all activities using nothing but iconic Post-its.


Expect mutual understanding and applications that truly meet your needs.


Anyone on your team can join an Appstorming session, as it doesn’t require any specific knowledge or skill.

Easily connect to the existing IT landscape

In 2020, organizations worldwide were using an average of 80 different software as a service (SaaS) applications. Those SaaS applications often do not work together.  Appergine has powerful integration features based on REST and Webhooks to interface to the existing IT landscape.  Examples:

  • Liferay
  • WordPress
  • Hubspot
  • Evidos Signhost
  • Reeleezee accounting
  • Afas Profit
  • Active Directory

Sustainable solutions, excellent ROI

The solution adds value to your client’s business, has a large support base in the organization and provides a high return on investment. Everyone is committed and motivated to make it happen: the solution is fit for purpose and doesn’t get in the way of IT.

Appstorming is your ticket to successful process improvement

Start by communicating your vision.