Simple, straight forward pricing

Welcome to the magic of Appstorming, We shorten the cycle from idea to working application, making application development significantly faster and cost-efficient.

Simple process Multiple processes Complex Complete
Estimated requirements
Amount of Appstorms 1 3 5
Total users 3 8 20
Import existing data from external systems
Notifications 2 5 20
API Connections 1 2 5
Support and data security
Telephone and online support
Strong encryption protects your business data
Automatic data backups
One-time investment $5.000 $15.000 $45.000
Monthly subscription $350 $850 $1500

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How accurate are these prices?

The prices mentioned in the pricing table are merely just an indication. If you’re looking for a more accurate estimation, let us know what your plans and requirements are, and we’ll provide you with just that.

What can I expect from support?

Support is here to help you make use of the application. When the application itself requires minor adjustments, for example when the business process has changed, support will make the necessary adjustment. However, when the process changes are significant, an hourly consulting fee is charged.