Our core values

The core values serve as the foundation of Appergine. Each team member strives to act on these core values.


Taking the extra step to understand and help one another.

Open and transparant

No hidden agendas and always stay respectful.

Continuous development

A culture where learning is encouraged and room for failure.

Origin of Appergine

Appergine was officially founded January 1st 2020 by Lex van Sonderen and Juan Paniagua. Founding Appergine was the next logical step in the evolution of what is now known as the Appergine SAAS platform. 

The platform is the result of over 25 man-years of development. The origin of the platform is a toolbox used by developers and consultants working for Juan’s Catalyst Solutions. The toolbox was used and enhanced in daily practice with a diverse group of customers and projects for many years. 

The combination of proven technology and our experience in SAAS, Managed Services and Cloud Hosting has resulted in  Appergine Studio and SAAS Platform.

Our promise

Automation that doesn’t improve efficiency, reduce costs and create happy, satisfied users is useless. We want to put an end to the endless series of failed IT projects. To achieve this, we stand for a different approach to specifying and building applications. 

We are convinced that users aren’t (citizen) developers. Creating applications is a demanding skill even when the amount of code to be written is extremely limited. We do believe however that all stakeholders should be involved in defining the application. We make the power of the Appergine platform available through our Appstorming methodology. Appstorming, building business applications with post-its.


Our mission is to contribute to well-being at work by giving users applications that meet their needs and desires.


Through Appstorming, any organization will be able to automate business processes and benefit from timely delivered applications that work.