We make business & IT understand each other

Appstorming involves the right people and facilitates open communication.

There is a better way to clarify business needs

Appstorming is a communication technique that helps gather business desires and translates this to IT.

Jargon muddles the waters.

Appstorming uses plain human language that everyone understands

Tell me and I forget. Involve me and I learn.

Involving all stakeholders leads to a better fitting solution, higher adoption and greater work satisfaction.

Learn as you go.

You don’t need any specific knowledge or skill to join an Appstorming session.

Make it visual

We avoid technical jargon and instead, focus on what’s really happening in your business so everyone understands what’s going on. Together with an Appmaster, your team maps out business activities using nothing but iconic Post-its.


The Appmaster is a highly experienced process consultant who guides your session and makes sure you get the most out of it.


After the Appstorm, you can expect mutual understanding and a crystal clear view of your process, leading to applications that truly meet your needs.

Physical or Online

Sometimes you can’t get together and it has to be done online. Luckily, the Appstorming Studio lets you do just that.

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Fast on every level

Appergine shortens the idea-to-solution cycle as an Appstorm is done within two hours, and the first version of the application is already available two days after.

Furthermore, business processes are bound to change over time, and we designed the platform to be capable of adapting quickly without breaking the bank.