A communication stimulating platform

Appstorming Studio is an online multi-user tool that facilitates the Appstorming methodology and transforms Appstorms into working applications.

Visualise your process with the team

Together with your team you can place, move or delete Post-its in real-time. Easily gather the requirements for process improvements and get a grip on what’s happening in your business.


Anyone on your team can work with the Appstorming studio, as it doesn’t require any training.


Save the Appstorm and revisit it later or export it to PDF.

Transform an Appstorm into a low-code application

Applications are delivered within days after the Appstorm

This is where the magic happens. Business events are always described as an object and in the past tense. This way our natural language processor transforms it into high-level objects and actions. Now, we only need to add the details to each object and we already have a functional application that is ready to be reviewed. This streamlined process prevents loss of information and considerably accelerates development.